Other Firms

In my consulting practice, I often work with other firms to provide my clients with the best possible mix of skills and backgrounds for their particular needs. Links on this page are reserved for those people and organizations with whom I've worked recently and successfully. If you are interested in having a link here, contact me at gmarus@flash.net to discuss working together on one of your upcoming projects.

Among those I've worked with are:

Connelly & Associates

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley California, Connelly & Associates is a technical and business development consulting firm, specializing in emerging technologies across a broad range of applications.

Connelly & Associates tracks the emergence of new and disruptive technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and biometrics, Internet, wireless and mobile technology, as well as cognitive science, alternative energy, robotics, and artificial intelligence.


Boost Your Startup

Boost Your Startup (BYS) is a business development firm providing marketing, sales and strategic consulting services to small and mid-sized European companies launching in the U.S. market. Ideally headquartered in Silicon Valley, BYS helps you design, implement and execute a successful US go-to-market strategy. The company provides key assets for visionary entrepreneurs in high-potential industry segments seeking partners with diversified operational experience to help maximize corporate value.


Growing Stars

Convenient, Affordable, Personalized
help with your educational needs


The Silicon Valley Marketeer

marketing a small business website

Athol Foden is a Strategic marketing and management Consultant, who helps his clients by answering questions such as: Which markets should you target? How can you reach them best? What tools do you need? Where do they shop? Who are the best partners? Which plan is best? How will we get the best coverage? What brand experiences can we trigger? What staff or services do we need? Launch and marketing plans, from concept to execution.

Often includes full market research, business intelligence research and strategic business plans.


Brand Name Awards

Check out this Athol Foden-Greg Marus joint venture--a blog covering awards and calls for entries in the fields of Design, PR, Advertising, Marketing, Writing, Photography, and Video.


US Market Access Center (USMAC)

The US Market Access Center (US MAC), formerly the International Business Incubator (IBI), is the leading trade gateway into the United States for international businesses. Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the US MAC is the first stop for technology and life science companies planning to expand their market reach and enter the US Market.

US Market Entry Consulting Services
The US high-tech market might be very different from your home market. We'll provide the market research, lead generation, and other professional servicesthat you need to enter successfully and hit the ground running.


Brighter Naming
Call 1-866-451-6198

Are you looking for:

  A great new business name
  A good company name
  A strong new product name
  Or a service brand name?

Suitable for nationwide registration
With matching .com URL
And full trademark clearance
That is affordable?

In just a few weeks? (or less)

Then you should check out another of Athol Foden's ventures, Brighter Naming.


Professional Associations


SVASE was founded by a group of software engineers in 1995 and growing steadily ever since in spite of general economic downturns, SVASE hosts 10-15 events each month, attended by 400-600 technology executives and press. Our weekly emailing reaches over 10,000 executives, making ours one of the largest, most powerful opt-in lists in the Valley. With our web based services, including "24 Hour Networking," the online " SVASE Yellow Pages," the unique, searchable "Startup Reference Guide," and our partnerships with VC Experts, Microsoft BizSpark™ program, SVASE is able to help constituents build their businesses around the clock and around the world.