Q: I’ve noticed 2 sites, www.gmarus.com and www.gregmarus.com, with similar or identical content. Can you tell me what the difference is between these two?


A:  www.gmarus.com is a test and development site that I use to make sure everything works properly before I put it on the “official” production site, www.gregmarus.com. There’s usually nothing “wrong” with the content of www.gmarus.com, but in general, if you find yourself there, you should click over to www.gregmarus.com for my fully reviewed and approved presence on the Internet.


Q: Does www.gregmarus.com accept advertising?


A: Yes; contact me at gmarus@flash.net for terms and conditions.


Q: How do I get a link to my site on the “professional Links” page?


A: This page is reserved for those with whom I’ve done at least one successful consulting project. If it looks like I could help you with a project you have in your consulting pipeline, contact me at gmarus@flash.net.


Q: If I want to partner with you in a consulting project, can you help with the sales process?


A: Yes. In general, I will look for a (relatively small) non-refundable fee, and another fee payable upon closing the business. These two fees are for the work involved in bringing in the project, and are separate from any consulting charges for work on the project itself. Fees are also a function of the kind and quantity of work involved; as always, feel free to get in touch at gmarus@flash.net.